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BATA 5-YEAR WARRANTY BATA products is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory.It is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of five years from the date of original purchase.

Should any trouble develop during this five year period, the machine or parts of it, may be returned to the factory, freight prepaid by customer, for inspection and repair or replacement.

If a part of the machine is deemed to be defective, it will be replaced. If the defect occurs within the first YEAR, the part will be replaced free of charge. If the defect occurs after the first YEAR, the defective part will be replaced, and the value will be prorated on "wear-and-tear" parts. For example, if the machine is one year old, the defective part will be replaced at no charge. If the machine is 2 ½ years old, the part will be replaced at the prorated amount (1/2 the list price because 1/2 of the 5-YEAR warranty has been used up). On all non-"wear-and-tear" parts, the part will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

If inspection shows that the necessary repairs are due to damage rather than defect, replacement parts and labor would not be covered under the warranty, and standard labor and replacement costs, as well as return freight costs, would be charged to the customer.

    This warranty does not apply where:

  • Repairs have been made or attempted by others without authorization.
  • Repairs are required because of normal wear and tear.
  • The product has been abused, misused, or improperly maintained.
  • Alterations have been made to the machine.
  • Non-Commercial products have been used for commercial use.

BATAreserves the right to authorize warranty service or repairs to be done by others. Authorization must be obtained by BATAbefore any repairs are made or attempted by anyone other than BATA

Transference of Warranty

The factory warranty is only transferable if the item is serviced/inspected by BATAat the time of the sale (30 days before or after).

Commercial Use of our Products

BATAproducts that are not labeled as "Commercial Grade" are not intended for commercial use. The warranty for non-commercial products used for commercial purposes is One Year.